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Which Tablet is best for you?

November 19, 2014

With the release of the new Nokia N1 and such an emphasis on the use of tablets it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Hamilton Rentals have a wide range of tablets and iPads available for hire so you can be absolutely sure on the one you want before you make that financial commitment.


The iPad & iPad Mini

With high screen resolution in the latest models and impressive performance, the iPad and iPad Mini are in high demand. Usually used when a lightweight, mobile device with a long battery life is needed. They can provide an alternative to a PC or laptop. The iPad and iPad Mini are perfect for events.

iPad Rental
The Surface Pro 3

This stylish and lightweight tablet from Microsoft not only looks pretty but wows with its 4th generation Intel Processor. It is the ideal replacement to a laptop as you can carry it around with ease and not compromise on power. With Windows 8.1 Pro software already installed and the multi-position kickstand means you can work anywhere.

Surface Pro Rental
The Samsung Galaxy

Offering the latest innovation in tablet technology, the Samsung Galaxy can be taken anywhere thanks to its slim design. Ideal for meetings, presentations and events its great performance will not let you down. The Samsung Galaxy provides Androids real alternative to the iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hire
All of these tablets are available for short term hire from Hamilton Rentals. For a rental quote or more info please call 01344 456600, drop us a mail at or visit our website



September 3, 2014


Hamilton Rentals offer an excellent choice of the latest Apple products available for hire. We are continuously updating our rental fleet and pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest equipment.


Apple products are best known for their modern and innovative design and excellent performance. Hamilton Rentals can offer:


  • iPads – 2nd and 3rd generation iPads are available for rental along with 4th generation with retina display, iPad Air and iPad Mini. iPad stands and 32-iPad charging trollies are also available for hire.
  • MacBook Pros – Hamilton Rentals have an extensive selection of the latest MacBook Pros with retina display. Offering both the 13” and 15”.
  • MacBook Airs – The latest 11” and 13” MacBook Air are available for hire.
  • iMacs – The latest iMac is also part of our wide Apple rental fleet. If it is a desktop you are looking for we offer both the 21” and 27” models.
  • MacPros – A large choice of MacPros are part our rental fleet. Offering the latest models.
  • Mac Mini – Included in Hamilton Rentals vast Apple rental fleet is the latest Mac Mini. Available for long and short term rentals.


Why choose Hamilton Rentals for Apple hire?


  • We have an excellent choice of products and one of the largest iPad fleets in the world with over 700 to choose from.
  • Testing and professional installation by our accredited engineers.
  • Every Mac and iPad rental is covered by IT support as standard.
  • Fast international delivery
  • Competitive low prices


For more information or a rental quote please call 01344 456600 or visit our website

apple rental


August 27, 2014

Hamilton Rentals have a huge choice of the latest iPads and iPad accessories available for rental. From iPad Air hire to a 32-iPad charging trolley Hamilton Rentals can offer anything you need.

Available in our rental fleet are the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation iPads. The newer models offer a higher screen resolution an improved performance allowing you to get the most from your iPad. The capability of the newer products has increased demand for iPad hire as it presents an alternative to PC and laptop rental.

Light weight, compact and with a long battery life the iPad is a hugely popular product and ideal for any event. Our extensive iPad fleet and team of highly experienced event managers and engineers enable us to supply iPads to many events each year, creating the best outcome possible for you and your clients.

With over 700 iPads available we can offer one of the biggest selections of iPads in the world. Our customers benefit from same day or overnight delivery and IT support as standard with every iPad rental. For peace of mind we also provide testing and installation by our accredited engineers. With competitively low prices and iPad rental starting from £60 a week, Hamilton Rentals are the ones to choose.

Customers have hired iPads:

  • With stands to create touch kiosks.
  • As a voting solution to run electronic polls.
  • For e-brochures, training manuals and catalogues.
  • For interactive maps and website demonstrations.
  • For playing video clips.
  • For demonstrating new Apple apps.
  • Mounted together to form a huge digital displays.
  • With an iPad charging trolley for convenience and security.


For more information or a rental quote please call 01344 456600, drop us a mail at or visit

iPad rental

It’s no Secret: Students Love Tablets and Laptops

August 10, 2011

We’ve wrote about technology in the classroom before.  Tablets, laptops, online file sharing—it’s all becoming more commonplace in today’s educational institutions for students of all ages.

As time passes and technology progresses, the data supporting this theory continues to grow as well.  Most recently, has created a very cute graphic which you can find below.

According to their numbers, 27 percent of students surveyed said their laptop was the most important item in their backpack, compared to 10 percent who responded their text book was the most vital.

Three out of four students say they couldn’t (or maybe, wouldn’t) study without technology, with one in four respondents citing podcasts as a resource.  Almost half of the students—46 percent—respond more favorably to digital reading assignments than those on paper.

A whopping 91 percent of students indicated using email as a means to receive extra help from their teachers.  While in the classroom, 82 percent of students said they use devices to write papers, 81 percent use them for research, 70 percent opt for the devices in lieu of a pen and paper, and 65 percent use technology to make class presentations.

Still climbing in popularity under email and laptops are other mediums like social networking sites and tablets.  Only 8 percent of respondents use social sites to contact their teachers, and 13 percent use cell phones.  However, tablets are becoming a quick favorite of the student population.  About three fourths of students who own tablets said they prefer them to traditional textbooks, and nearly half of the respondents believe that the portable technology will completely replace the paper-based counterparts in the next five years.

Even if students don’t already own a tablet, they likely want one, as 90 percent of students believe it would make studying more efficient.

Considering incorporating a stronger technological presence in your educational facility?  Contact us at Hamilton Rentals to learn more about iPad and laptop rental, whether it’s for a special project or to test out the technology before making a purchase.

Students Love Technology

Video Conferencing on-the-go Made Possible with Skype for iPad

August 2, 2011

So you may have noticed that we like to write iPads, and that would be for several reasons.  Our customers love them, and so do we—not just because they pack all of the functionality of a laptop or PC into a compact tablet weighing just over a pound, but because there are continuous developments with new apps and accessories creating more opportunities for expansive use in multiple industries.

The latest development for our multi-purpose tablet rental—Skype has officially released its iPad app to the iOS App Store.

Whether you’re using the Wi-Fi at your local hotspot, or if you purchase a 3G data plan with your rental, you can start chatting away with your boss, employees—whoever.  Also, Skype for iPad has further features beyond that of what is available for iPhone.  Beyond just video chat, you can also instant message your counterparts while simultaneously talking on a video call.

Now you can download and use Skype on iPad AND iPad 2, although with the former—you’re face will remain hidden without the handy camera available on the newer version.  But it’s still useful to receive video, or chat, if that’s what you’re into.

Download Skype on your iPad rental and call anybody using Skype—whether that person be on a his or her laptop, or even an iPhone, as long as the device is running on iOS 4.0 or above.

To learn more about video conferencing with your iPad, or if you’d like to use an iPad or iPad 2 for an event, trade show or other project, contact us at Hamilton Rentals.  We’re the largest IT rental company in Europe with a massive fleet of tablets available for hire, and we ship internationally.

Mirroring Brings Maximum Functionality to iPad and Plasma Hire

August 1, 2011

At Hamilton Rentals, we regularly supply companies with AV solutions for corporate events whether it’s for 10 viewers at a board meeting, or 1,000 viewers at a trade show or sporting event.  What’s been pretty cool for both us and for our customers is not just the developments with the hardware itself, but with the attachments that let you use products together– combining the technologies of the two to get the maximum functionality and convenience out of the chosen products for hire.

The most recent development in this respect has been with the iPad and iPad 2, which you can now sync up to our LCD and plasma hire lineup, thanks to the new HDMI adapter released earlier this year. Whether you want to stream video, a photo slideshow, or maybe you have a PowerPoint presentation that you’d like to present on a high resolution screen, just hook up your iPad rental and your audience can view every action in real time.

As we’ve mentioned before, you can access your PowerPoint presentation using the application iWork, which also gives you access to apps Numbers and Pages.

If this bundle sounds like the ideal set up for your next meeting or exhibition, contact us at Hamilton Rentals.  Your hardware will be specifically configured for your special requirements, and we’ll provide you with flexible rental options.

In the mean time, check out the video above to see the mirroring function in action.  While it’s dually convenient because of the portability options made available by the light iPad,  the technology itself is pretty neat, and sure to impress your audience.

Will Amazon Provide Tablet PC Rental Competition for iPad 2?

July 18, 2011

Amazon’s tablet was just one of many contenders that speculators deemed a potential threat to Apple.  Like all of the others, it wasn’t a force quite strong enough to take on the reigning tablet ruler—the iPad and now iPad 2.  However, developments by Amazon are said by some news sources to be a potential threat to Apple and Google—as the Wall Street Journal revealed the company’s plans to release an Android-based tablet by this October.

The WSJ actually sees this tablet as one to take on the iPad, with the headline reading “Amazon to Battle Apple iPad with Tablet.”  But other industry writers and bloggers like those at TechCrunch believe the tablet primarily poses a challenge to Google, but still won’t reach the likes of the iPad.

When comparing the prospective tablet to that of the latest iPad 2, you’ll see the Amazon tablet will have a 9 inch multi-touch screen, while the iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch screen; the Amazon tablet will not have a camera as the iPad 2 does; and further more, the tablet’s development is going to be outsourced by the manufacturer.

TechCrunch speculates that this could be in an effort to get the tablet out fast, and to be able to offer it at a discounted price to lure away potential iPad customers.  The companies have gone head-to-head in the past over digital books, music and mobile applications—tablets are just the next front.

Where the threat to Google comes to play is in how much control the tech giant would have over Amazon.  Typically, Google offers “carrots” to partners to maintain loyalty—those being Google apps, Google branding and early access to new Android builds.  “But Amazon likely won’t care about those things,” wrote TechCrunch writer MG Siegler, “They could be the first major player to use Android that Google has absolutely no control over.”

To learn more about how your business can utilize a tablet pc rental, contact us at Hamilton Rentals.  Whether it’s an iPad 2 or any other tablet, just let us know how we can help you.

Access Your Desktop Anywhere with Our iPad Rentals

July 7, 2011

Where would you use your iPad rental? At a tradeshow? Business conference? At an on-site project?

Likely, you’ll be away from your desk, and ultimately, your desktop.

While you can try to remember to import crucial documents to your iPad, or even make them available via email, it’s quite easy to leave out essential files that are saved to your desktop back at the office.

There are several apps that make it possible to view your desktop remotely, but here are a couple of iOS apps that are totally free, and will allow you access to your files at those key moments. (It can even allow IT managers to assist those not-so-savvy employees back in the office with remote tech support).

Maybe you’re streaming video through one of our LCD or plasma hire models using the AV adapter with your iPad 2 rental, but don’t want to take up the storage space by saving the video on the tablet.  No worries, there’s an app for that too.


TeamViewer is a basic remote access app made specifically for the iPad to connect to Windows, Mac and Linux systems.  This is the application that can allow you to send yourself a crucial file or control your staff’s desktop for hands-on tech support.

While the app meets the highest security standards with 256 Session Encoding and 20124 Bit RSA Key Exchange, it can easily access computers behind firewalls and proxy servers.

If you’re interested in applying this over a large scale, the TeamViewer Pro version is recommended by the developers for professional use.


Now if you’re looking to stream video, but don’t want to clog up the storage on your iPad rental, just leave it on your desktop and leave the rest up to AirVideo.

This free, handy app allows users to share folders on their harddrive in addition to their iTunes playlists.  It converts files on-the-fly while you watch the video—and even lets you customize the conversion settings, zoom and crop the video.

You can also use this app over your 3G connection, available on your iPad rental upon request.

iPad is More than Just an Efficient Business Tool

June 30, 2011

Photo Credit: Ben Swinnerton/Herald Sun

Companies who come to us to rent the iPad or iPad 2 for their next event, project, survey or training look to the revolutionary technology of the tablets to enhance business efficiency and productivity.

But Apple’s tablets are doing so much more in various fields, like education for those with disabilities.

For instance, Holly Bligh of Melbourne, Australia, who has albinism, has been using her iPad to counter her visual deficiencies caused by the disease.  Before, she had to use a magnifying glass or teachers had to provide her with material with enlarged text.  Now, she has a super-cool tool that makes her standout among other students, and allows her to view reading material with the swipe of her finger. She can read twice as long as she could with hard copies.

Bligh’s mother wrote Steve Jobs to thank him for the technology: “All the other kids think it’s awesome that she gets an iPad!” Fiona Bligh. “Sometimes in the past Holly has found her extra equipment embarrassing … But the iPad has a coolness factor!”

According to blogs across the Web, Jobs was touched by the story and wrote back: “Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Do you mind if I read your email to a group of our top 100 leaders at Apple?”

This is just one area where the iPad has helped those with disabilities as an effective assistive technology tool.

To learn more about iPad and iPad 2 rental for your organization, contact Hamilton Rentals.

Technology in the Classroom; from iPad to Laptop Rentals

June 27, 2011

photo from

With every generation, students are inundated with the latest technology that their educational institutions can afford to make available. Classrooms today have come a long way from those clunky Macintosh desktop PCs from the 90s—and particularly in the U.S., slim laptops, tablets and ereaders have taken the place of textbooks and mobile apps,  engaging students like never before.

The BBC cited a few American schools of various levels in a video exclusive, showing the growing presence of technology in the ever-increasing number of better connected schools.

In the video, students are taught to turn in their homework on Google Docs to share their insights with other students as well as the teacher.  The teachers post homework on a homepage visible to both students and their parents, and the kids use lightweight ereaders instead of heavy textbooks.  When teachers ask for a reflective writing assignment, the students can save all of their work in a digital locker.

Schools even have Twitter accounts to keep everyone posted on daily bulletins.

Some schools in higher education have even taken to developing their own software, for example, one student in a class at Long Island University developed an iPad app to study the frequency of shock waves generated by earthquakes.

There has been some divide in less affluent areas where students lack mobile devices to check notifications, or do not have access to the Internet at home–something local governments and organizations are continuing to work around.

As schools around the world continue to adapt this technology into their classrooms, Hamilton Rentals is ready to support educational efforts whether through laptop hire, or renting iPads or Interactive WhiteBoards with SMART technology.