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Hamilton Rentals manage the Acer PSG Evaluation Program

June 25, 2012

Acer rental partner
The Acer PSG Evaluation Program provides Acer and its Partners with a zero cost* short term loan of the latest Acer Laptops, Tablets, PCs and Displays.

The program has been created to give Acer’s corporate clients the opportunity to evaluate the latest technology for free before purchasing the product through their normal partners.

Hamilton Rentals manage the program for Acer and can give the end user fast access to:


  • Acer eMachines Desktop PCs
  • Acer Revo Multimedia PCs
  • Acer Veriton Business Tower/Desktop PCs


  • Acer Netbooks
  • Acer Aspire Notebooks
  • Acer Travelmate Laptops


  • B Series TFT Displays

All configurable to customers’ requirements.

For more details please visit Click Here

* Evaluations are subject to pre-approval from Acer and subject to availability


Use IT Rental for Swingkit

June 11, 2012

IT rental for swingkit

Upgrading or consolidating servers can be a risky process for you and your customers which can lead to system downtime or poor purchasing decisions.

Why not use rental as solution, IT resellers and major vendors use our server and storage hire services to:

  • Achieve your services target & galvanise sales opportunities
  • Reduce customers risk, complete system backup for your customers whilst they upgrade or migrate to new platforms
  • Test offline, build the server you want with your chosen software and test without compromising existing systems
  • Clean and consolidate files, rental gives you the luxury of an open time line allowing for a clean server installation

In addition to rental and evaluation services we can also offer IT recycling where we can de-install and data wipe and resell your redundant servers.

For more details for IT rental for swing kit or server recycling Contact our reseller team