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iPad Hires: Make Your Next Event a Success

May 8, 2013


Planning and running events is stressful, and usually requires a ton of moving parts. When you’re putting together an event or preparing a training course, it’s critical to keep your information – and your team –organised. At Hamilton, we specialise in providing cost effective iPad rental solutions that keep your event running smoothly.

Pairing your iPad to a larger monitor during your event gives you the freedom to control your presentations straight from your device, whether you’re presenting to five people or dozens. The iPad comes equipped with the iWork app for slideshow presentations, or you can stream videos for your audience in real time.

Tablet rentals for your expo or training course can be a much more reliable source of data collection. Your attendees can sign in or register via your iPad hire as soon as they walk in, can sign up for events, or even sign your mailing list to receive more information about your company. You can save valuable time by creating your mailing lists straight from your tablet – skipping the mess of entering addresses manually in the process. Having the data backed up electronically is considerably more reliable than traditional pen-and-paper methods, which can be misplaced, destroyed, or worse yet – the victim of horrible penmanship.

Our line up of iPad or tablet PC rentals offers the reliability you need to keep your conference or training course on track, designed to help make your event a success. Hamilton will configure your hardware to meet your particular needs and can offer flexible renting options. If you’re interested in iPad tablet hires for your next event, contact us at Hamilton Rentals.


iPad and Projector Rentals to Come Together with Apple’s Latest Patent

August 11, 2011

As if Apple hasn’t already made a huge impression on our IT hardware, it looks like it will be making a big splash in AV as well.

We’ve seen how Apple devices like iPad 2 can enable AV equipment like projectors and plasma/LCD displays when connected with an HDMI adapter, but it seems that Apple will officially enter into the projector business as well.

According to Patently Apple, Apple’s latest patent indicates the tech giant will actually be integrating projectors into its iOS devices.

Apple first hinted at the possibility for mini or pico-like projectors in future iOS devices back in 2009.  After that, the rumor mill was full of tips and leads of the company incorporating projection systems in MacBook. The latest patent explains in full detail how the company will integrate pico-like projectors for iOS devices with particular references for use within a shared workspace presentation.

The company’s desire to further infiltrate the business market is clearly visible with this latest development. Soon you will be able to turn on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, lay it on a table, and broadcast your latest presentation.  The MacBook won’t have the projector actually built-in, but rather an accompanying accessory to plug in to the laptop.

The patent applications were published by the US Patent & Trademark office today.  No one knows how long it will take for this technology to hit the market, but it will surely be a hit for Apple in the corporate market.

It will also be exciting for us at Hamilton Rentals, as we supply businesses of all sizes with Apple hire and projector rentals.  Bringing the two together will be very cool indeed.

Access Your Desktop Anywhere with Our iPad Rentals

July 7, 2011

Where would you use your iPad rental? At a tradeshow? Business conference? At an on-site project?

Likely, you’ll be away from your desk, and ultimately, your desktop.

While you can try to remember to import crucial documents to your iPad, or even make them available via email, it’s quite easy to leave out essential files that are saved to your desktop back at the office.

There are several apps that make it possible to view your desktop remotely, but here are a couple of iOS apps that are totally free, and will allow you access to your files at those key moments. (It can even allow IT managers to assist those not-so-savvy employees back in the office with remote tech support).

Maybe you’re streaming video through one of our LCD or plasma hire models using the AV adapter with your iPad 2 rental, but don’t want to take up the storage space by saving the video on the tablet.  No worries, there’s an app for that too.


TeamViewer is a basic remote access app made specifically for the iPad to connect to Windows, Mac and Linux systems.  This is the application that can allow you to send yourself a crucial file or control your staff’s desktop for hands-on tech support.

While the app meets the highest security standards with 256 Session Encoding and 20124 Bit RSA Key Exchange, it can easily access computers behind firewalls and proxy servers.

If you’re interested in applying this over a large scale, the TeamViewer Pro version is recommended by the developers for professional use.


Now if you’re looking to stream video, but don’t want to clog up the storage on your iPad rental, just leave it on your desktop and leave the rest up to AirVideo.

This free, handy app allows users to share folders on their harddrive in addition to their iTunes playlists.  It converts files on-the-fly while you watch the video—and even lets you customize the conversion settings, zoom and crop the video.

You can also use this app over your 3G connection, available on your iPad rental upon request.