Technology in the Classroom; from iPad to Laptop Rentals

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With every generation, students are inundated with the latest technology that their educational institutions can afford to make available. Classrooms today have come a long way from those clunky Macintosh desktop PCs from the 90s—and particularly in the U.S., slim laptops, tablets and ereaders have taken the place of textbooks and mobile apps,  engaging students like never before.

The BBC cited a few American schools of various levels in a video exclusive, showing the growing presence of technology in the ever-increasing number of better connected schools.

In the video, students are taught to turn in their homework on Google Docs to share their insights with other students as well as the teacher.  The teachers post homework on a homepage visible to both students and their parents, and the kids use lightweight ereaders instead of heavy textbooks.  When teachers ask for a reflective writing assignment, the students can save all of their work in a digital locker.

Schools even have Twitter accounts to keep everyone posted on daily bulletins.

Some schools in higher education have even taken to developing their own software, for example, one student in a class at Long Island University developed an iPad app to study the frequency of shock waves generated by earthquakes.

There has been some divide in less affluent areas where students lack mobile devices to check notifications, or do not have access to the Internet at home–something local governments and organizations are continuing to work around.

As schools around the world continue to adapt this technology into their classrooms, Hamilton Rentals is ready to support educational efforts whether through laptop hire, or renting iPads or Interactive WhiteBoards with SMART technology.


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