Video Conferencing on-the-go Made Possible with Skype for iPad

So you may have noticed that we like to write iPads, and that would be for several reasons.  Our customers love them, and so do we—not just because they pack all of the functionality of a laptop or PC into a compact tablet weighing just over a pound, but because there are continuous developments with new apps and accessories creating more opportunities for expansive use in multiple industries.

The latest development for our multi-purpose tablet rental—Skype has officially released its iPad app to the iOS App Store.

Whether you’re using the Wi-Fi at your local hotspot, or if you purchase a 3G data plan with your rental, you can start chatting away with your boss, employees—whoever.  Also, Skype for iPad has further features beyond that of what is available for iPhone.  Beyond just video chat, you can also instant message your counterparts while simultaneously talking on a video call.

Now you can download and use Skype on iPad AND iPad 2, although with the former—you’re face will remain hidden without the handy camera available on the newer version.  But it’s still useful to receive video, or chat, if that’s what you’re into.

Download Skype on your iPad rental and call anybody using Skype—whether that person be on a his or her laptop, or even an iPhone, as long as the device is running on iOS 4.0 or above.

To learn more about video conferencing with your iPad, or if you’d like to use an iPad or iPad 2 for an event, trade show or other project, contact us at Hamilton Rentals.  We’re the largest IT rental company in Europe with a massive fleet of tablets available for hire, and we ship internationally.


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