iPad is More than Just an Efficient Business Tool

Photo Credit: Ben Swinnerton/Herald Sun

Companies who come to us to rent the iPad or iPad 2 for their next event, project, survey or training look to the revolutionary technology of the tablets to enhance business efficiency and productivity.

But Apple’s tablets are doing so much more in various fields, like education for those with disabilities.

For instance, Holly Bligh of Melbourne, Australia, who has albinism, has been using her iPad to counter her visual deficiencies caused by the disease.  Before, she had to use a magnifying glass or teachers had to provide her with material with enlarged text.  Now, she has a super-cool tool that makes her standout among other students, and allows her to view reading material with the swipe of her finger. She can read twice as long as she could with hard copies.

Bligh’s mother wrote Steve Jobs to thank him for the technology: “All the other kids think it’s awesome that she gets an iPad!” Fiona Bligh. “Sometimes in the past Holly has found her extra equipment embarrassing … But the iPad has a coolness factor!”

According to blogs across the Web, Jobs was touched by the story and wrote back: “Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Do you mind if I read your email to a group of our top 100 leaders at Apple?”

This is just one area where the iPad has helped those with disabilities as an effective assistive technology tool.

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