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Google Tablet Hires Gaining Ground

June 5, 2013

In the Hamilton Rentals tablet rental inventory, we get to see a lot of top of the line equipment as it is released. However, there has been a recent trend of Google tablets popping up in the market that are gaining popularity and posing as serious competitors for Apple’s famously popular iPad.

This past year, several new Google tablet hires have been added to our inventory. Google’s Android tablets have slowly gained traction in the technological realm, which can be vastly attributed to the growth, development and improvement of the Android operating system since its initial conception.

Google tablet devices like Samsung Galaxy Tabs give business users the familiar interface of the Android smartphones that many have turned to in lieu of the iPhone. Not only do these Google tablet rentals have the power that businesses need for mobile computing, but despite all the bells and whistles these devices still come with a much lower price tag than their Apple competitors.

It isn’t difficult to see why Google’s Android tablets are gaining popularity in the tablet rental market. Although iPads are still a consumer favourite, Google tablets are becoming just as lightweight and sleekly designed as the iPad. Not to mention, they give you a choice of size – whereas the iPad and the iPad mini only offer the one-size standards.

Google tablet hires offer the functionality and connectivity that allows team members to share information easily and make use of powerful word processing applications so that business users can stay productive on the go. Not only can these devices take a major chunk out of your growing office to-do list, but they look great doing it – high definition displays and top quality microphone & speakers built right into the device give users the highest quality audio and visual experience.

We’re certainly curious to see if this trend of Google tablets in the market will continue, or if the next version of the iPad will change the tablet game yet again!

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Tablet Hires: What can we expect from Windows 8.1?

June 3, 2013



The world of Windows tablet hires may see a brand new operating system within the next few months.

During a press conference in May, Tami Reller (Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Financial Officer) announced that the project known as Windows “Blue” would be available by the end of this year. Windows Blue will trade in its name and become Windows 8.1 – a brand new operating system that Reller says will be available as a free update from the Windows store.

Windows 7 was a revolutionary operating system for Microsoft, and gained massive popularity for students, professionals, and home users alike. With the recent release of Windows 8, the world of tablet rentals saw a major evolution. Windows 8 was specifically optimized for use with mobile devices – the operating system has a sleek design, quick response time, and stunning interface.

The Windows Surface Pro tablet is just one of those released with the Windows 8 operating system. An excellent alternative to the iPad, Windows Surface Pro tablet hires run on an Intel processor and include an optional removable type cover that allows users to type faster than on screen.

Technology fans eagerly waited for the opportunity to test drive the Windows 8 operating system, and the responses have been largely positive. Of course, with the release of anything new there are critics, and that’s where Windows 8.1 comes in. Several professionals have sounded off about what changes they would like to see from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. One Forbes writer says that his biggest hope is to see more uniformity with the OS’s Internet Explorer setup. In fact, application consistency between modes appears to be one of the most universally desired features for the Windows 8.1 update.

What can we expect to see in Windows 8.1 tablet hires? While Microsoft is not marketing the system as such, 8.1 will essentially be a Windows 8 service pack that addresses the glitches and works in new features that were lacking in 8.0. However, we will only truly know what changes Windows 8.1 holds when it hits the Windows store in late 2013.

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iPad Hires: Make Your Next Event a Success

May 8, 2013


Planning and running events is stressful, and usually requires a ton of moving parts. When you’re putting together an event or preparing a training course, it’s critical to keep your information – and your team –organised. At Hamilton, we specialise in providing cost effective iPad rental solutions that keep your event running smoothly.

Pairing your iPad to a larger monitor during your event gives you the freedom to control your presentations straight from your device, whether you’re presenting to five people or dozens. The iPad comes equipped with the iWork app for slideshow presentations, or you can stream videos for your audience in real time.

Tablet rentals for your expo or training course can be a much more reliable source of data collection. Your attendees can sign in or register via your iPad hire as soon as they walk in, can sign up for events, or even sign your mailing list to receive more information about your company. You can save valuable time by creating your mailing lists straight from your tablet – skipping the mess of entering addresses manually in the process. Having the data backed up electronically is considerably more reliable than traditional pen-and-paper methods, which can be misplaced, destroyed, or worse yet – the victim of horrible penmanship.

Our line up of iPad or tablet PC rentals offers the reliability you need to keep your conference or training course on track, designed to help make your event a success. Hamilton will configure your hardware to meet your particular needs and can offer flexible renting options. If you’re interested in iPad tablet hires for your next event, contact us at Hamilton Rentals.

Will Amazon Provide Tablet PC Rental Competition for iPad 2?

July 18, 2011

Amazon’s tablet was just one of many contenders that speculators deemed a potential threat to Apple.  Like all of the others, it wasn’t a force quite strong enough to take on the reigning tablet ruler—the iPad and now iPad 2.  However, developments by Amazon are said by some news sources to be a potential threat to Apple and Google—as the Wall Street Journal revealed the company’s plans to release an Android-based tablet by this October.

The WSJ actually sees this tablet as one to take on the iPad, with the headline reading “Amazon to Battle Apple iPad with Tablet.”  But other industry writers and bloggers like those at TechCrunch believe the tablet primarily poses a challenge to Google, but still won’t reach the likes of the iPad.

When comparing the prospective tablet to that of the latest iPad 2, you’ll see the Amazon tablet will have a 9 inch multi-touch screen, while the iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch screen; the Amazon tablet will not have a camera as the iPad 2 does; and further more, the tablet’s development is going to be outsourced by the manufacturer.

TechCrunch speculates that this could be in an effort to get the tablet out fast, and to be able to offer it at a discounted price to lure away potential iPad customers.  The companies have gone head-to-head in the past over digital books, music and mobile applications—tablets are just the next front.

Where the threat to Google comes to play is in how much control the tech giant would have over Amazon.  Typically, Google offers “carrots” to partners to maintain loyalty—those being Google apps, Google branding and early access to new Android builds.  “But Amazon likely won’t care about those things,” wrote TechCrunch writer MG Siegler, “They could be the first major player to use Android that Google has absolutely no control over.”

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