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Get SMART? IT & AV Leasing For Education

April 6, 2016

IT Leasing, Rental and Procurement for Universities, Colleges and Schools Education

Hamilton Rentals and their sister company Proactive Technology Services have worked with many schools, colleges and universities. We understand that budget constraints often prevent academic institutions from obtaining the latest IT and AV technology.

Our portfolio of services are designed to help you stretch your ICT spending without compromising service or the quality or quantity of your hardware and software solution.

Whether you are looking to set up a fully immersive Virtual Learning Environment of if you just want a few iPads, Proactive Technology Services and Hamilton Rentals can help. Our dedicated education team has a wealth of experience and offer a range of services which are tailored to the education sector. These include:

  • ICT Leasing For Education
  • IT & AV Rental
  • IT & AV procurement of new and refurbished equipment
  • IT Buyback of your existing surplus & redundant IT hardware
Education IT leasing

ICT Leasing For Education

ICT leasing is ideal for universities, schools and colleges as it allows them to avoid the large capital expense and potential risk associated with IT and AV purchase and ownership. Education establishments can then spread the cost of their solution over 3 budgetary periods whilst gaining instant access to the latest technology.

All of our leasing solutions can be  installed and fully supported for the duration of the agreement. Charged at a simple fixed cost per unit per month model our agreements are easy to understand and manage.
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IT & AV Rental

Academic establishments use our IT and AV hire services to test before they invest. This ensures that they choose the most suitable solution for their requirements.

Many schools use our Use our IT rental service to overcome budget constraints or for short term projects where purchase cannot be justified.
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IT & AV procurement of new and refurbished equipment

Proactive Technology Services and Hamilton Rentals have provided IT and AV procurement for hundreds of businesses, schools, universities and colleges. We assess your needs and help you develop, maintain and supporting a coherent, sustainable and dependable IT infrastructure.

Our procurement team have access to a global supply chain and have excellent relationships with IBM, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, HP and Oracle. This gives us access to an extensive range of new and refurbished: iPads, laptops, PCs, interactive whiteboards, large screen TVs, touch screens, servers, storage and much more.
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sell us your old IT

IT Buyback of your existing surplus & redundant IT hardware

We help universities offset the cost of their ICT lease or purchase with our IT recycling and remarketing services. We can collect, data wipe, audit and re-market your surplus and redundant IT assets on your behalf effectively turning your hardware into cash, a rental or lease service credit or new replacement hardware.
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What types of IT hardware is available to lease, rent or purchase?

PTS and Hamilton Rentals has long established relationships with the industries key vendors including Smart and Samsung allowing us to offer an excellent selection of the latest IT and AV.
Our extensive product range includes:

  • Smartboards & Touch Screens – From Smart, Samsung, Promethean and C-Touch
  • iPads, Tablet PCs and Laptops – From Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP and Lenovo
  • Desktops & iMacs – From Apple,  Dell, HP and  Lenovo
  • TVs and Displays – From Apple, Samsung, HP and Lenovo
  • Servers and Storage – From HP, Lenovo, Dell and Oracle

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