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Rental vs Purchase: What’s the deal?

October 17, 2016

There are a number of reasons why rental is ideal over purchase:

  • When IT or AV equipment is needed for a short term projects like training, migration, testing or a sudden peak in workload and you just can’t justify purchasing.
  •  With the speed technology progresses you can often find yourself in the position of buying a brand new top spec piece of equipment only to find within a few months something newer, faster, slicker and just better has been released and your once top of the range unit is fast becoming out of date.
  • Sourcing new IT or AV equipment can be a lengthy process and you can see yourself working to tight budgets which may mean you need to compromise on spec and power and occasionally sacrifice large chunks of your budget on hardware support and the possibility that the chosen solution is just not quite right for the job in hand – all to be repeated when the hardware goes end of life, leaving you back at the start of the project.

What are the advantages of IT Rental?

Availability: A vast range of fleet items means you can have access quickly and efficiently to a number of solutions, and just sometimes only an older end of life piece of equipment can do the job – we work with a wide range of suppliers to find the products you need. Which helps companies maintain their competitive advantage.

Flexibility: Flexible rental contracts put you in control and ensures you have the equipment you need when and where you need it and allows you to return the equipment early, extend the hire or even purchase the solution. All whilst safe in the knowledge that you can expand or reduce the solution to fit within your project constraints.

Upgrade / Refresh: A new and higher spec model has just been released but your budget just won’t stretch – rental gives you the option to upgrade or refresh part way through your contract

Support: Hamilton Rentals team of qualified engineers test and configure the equipment prior to shipping and provide support for the duration of the rental and are on hand to help with any hardware queries or issues.

Avoid Budget constraints: Capital may not always be available to buy the equipment you need. Unlike purchase, rental can be Operating Expenditure with flexible payment terms.

Why might you consider renting?

Customers use AV and IT hire for a huge variety of reasons including:

  • Evaluations, benchmarking & testing
  • Try before you buy
  • Short Term Projects
  • Software development & testing
  • Server consolidation & migration
  • Exhibitions or trade shows
  • Festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Government elections
  • Product launches
  • Presentations
  • Using OPEX not CAPEX – Conserves cash flow
  • Relocations, data Moves & site Moves,
  • Swing Kit
  • Extra capacity for peak workloads
  • Training courses
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Resilience (During Maintenance/ upgrades)
  • Solutions to long delivery lead-times
  • To avoid adverse weather conditions
  • For film premiers
  • For AGMs
  • To save on fuel costs avoid driving to meetings
  • Reduce pollution and meet to ISO14001 accreditation
  • Disaster recovery, disease, theft, fire & flood
  • Opportunity to rent and then buy (Try before you Buy)
  • For Support which is included as standard
  • To source hard to find or end of life products

If you are sure that purchase is the best option for you, we can still help you through a variety of ways:

Rent To Own: Our rent to own programme mixes rental and purchase to allow you to spread the cost of IT projects over a fixed period of time. You simply rent the equipment and software for 3 or 6 months (typically) and on payment of the final rental invoice title of ownership transfers to you. More info on the programme and the benefits are available on our website:

Try Before You Buy: Hamilton Rentals will take the risk that your solution is going to be right for you. We will supply a brand new system to the agreed specification, on a pre-agreed rental contract of up to 3 months. If you decide to buy the system, we will count your rental premiums as part payment and will simply invoice for the balance of the purchase price. If you decide not to buy the system, then you can return it at the end of the agreed rental term, and you will have nothing extra to pay. More info on the programme and the benefits are available on our website:

Proof of Concept: Try it, run your application in a live environment within your infrastructure, with your users and with your workloads. Tuning and incrementing can be carried out without disruption to your other projects. If the concept works, you can purchase a system with confidence – if it doesn’t, you can simply return it and end the rental contract. You can even buy the equipment you are renting, it’s already in-situ, you know it does the job, it is fully supported and a cost effective option. We can even provide the skills to help you with your proof of concept using our industry accredited engineers and consultants experienced in the technology you require.  More info on the programme and the benefits are available on our website:

Ex-Rental Sales: Hamilton Rentals supply an excellent selection of new, refurbished and used IT & AV equipment and buying from us gives you peace of mind that you’re buying from experts: we are the loan pool and rental partner to many major Vendors in the UK and have a wide variety of UK sourced ex-demo products in stock. Add to this, fast next day delivery, additional installation and support packages to enhance the service, full testing & refurbishment process on all items to ensure reliability prior to delivery, transfer of the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 day warranty from us. More info on the Ex-Rental Sales service and products available can be found on our website:


Why Hire an iMac?

December 1, 2014

Known for its elegantly slim design and impressive power, the iMac is considered one of the best PCs on the market.
With fourth-generation Intel Core processors, high speed graphics and Thunderbolt I/O, the iMac is ready for whatever you throw at it. The 21.5” widescreen display allows you to get up close to the action and the LED backlight gives instant brightness. OS X Mavericks allows navigating around the iMac to be easy and stress-free.

• 21” 1920 x 1080 or 27” 2560 x 1440 screen
• Up to 3.4GHz processor
• 8 GB memory
• Up to 1 TB storage
• NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics
• 4 x USB 3 ports
• 2 x Thunderbolt ports

Hire an iMac for:
Events – with a large screen and massive graphics capability, the iMac is ideal for events.
Design Projects – the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card is great for graphic-intensive tasks.
Evaluation – Try Before You Buy and reduce purchase risk.
Training Courses – iMac rental provides a cheaper solution for training courses.
Software Testing or Development – hiring allows you to test or develop software without compromising the existing iMac network.

A range of iMacs and Apple products are available for hire from Hamilton Rentals. For more information please call 01344 456600, mail or visit

iMac Hire

The Latest External Hard Drive Companion for Apple Hire

June 29, 2011

Touted the “next great Pc-to-peripheral interconnect” by Apple and Intel, the  Thunderbolt ports of your iMac and MacBook Pro can be put to good use with the Promise Pegasus line of external RAID hard drives.

The Promise Pegasus R4 is a four-bay external drive with 4TB and 8TB capacities, according to PC Magazine’s Joel Santo Domingo.  The R6 version of the Promise Pegasus is likewise a six-bay external drive with 6TB and 12TB capacities.

The Thunderbolt’s praise from its makers evolves from the 10Gbps “theoretical maximum throughput.”

According to Domingo, “This trumps both eSATA (3Gbps) and USB 3.0 (5Gbps), plus Thunderbolt can be daisy-chained so monitors, hard drives, and other peripherals can be connected together to the single Thunderbolt connector on newer iMacs and MacBook Pros.”

Configurations for the Promise Pegasus drives are RAID 0, 1, 5, 50, 6 and 10—providing varying levels of speed, data redundancy, or a measure of both, depend on the needs of the user.

To learn more about Apple hire for your company, visit us at Hamilton Rentals where we have the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air available for rent.