Our Value Added Services Team & Engineering Services

We don’t just rent IT! Hamilton Rentals have a team of fully qualified engineers and a value added services team and we can help you every step of the way, from pre-delivery testing & imaging, set up and installs, on-site & telephone support and de-rig & collections.


What we can do for you:


Hamilton Rentals have an excellent engineering resource and skills based around our key product areas. We are able to provide fully qualified engineers to any location in Europe to aid with basic set up of kit to full system storage and software configuration.



Our team of engineers can help with upgrading your existing infrastructure along with supporting any hardware you have rented from us.


Office Relocation

Moving offices? Rental is the option for ‘Swing Kit’ and Hamilton Rentals can provide excellent engineering resources to configure and set- up your hardware and provide on-site support whilst the move takes place.


On Site Support

Exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition? Have an upcoming event, training programme or presentation? Hamilton Rentals can provide you with on-site support from accredited engineers to help ensure everything runs smoothly.


Delivery and VAST Team

Not only do we have an excellent engineering team, we also have our own value added services team. The VAST team are in charge of delivering your kit where ever you need it whenever you need it. We have our own fleet of brand new delivery vans, large and small, to be used for your every need. Our vans are fitted with a state of the art tracking device so that we ensure you get real time updates to where your kit is.


To find out more about how Hamilton Rentals can help you, call 01344 456600, mail info@hamilton.co.uk or visit www.hamilton.co.uk.


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