Why Rent or Rent to Own IT & AV Equipment?

Hamilton Rentals is a short term IT & AV rental company and we have over 45 years’ experience in the rental industry.

Rental is a great way to gain access to the kit you need but without having to pay the hefty purchase costs. Many people choose to use our rental or Rent to Own schemes for short term rentals when equipment is not needed for long periods of time.


Advantages of Rental:

  • Availability – IT rental ensures you fast access to the latest computer systems to help your company maintain their competitive advantage.


  • Flexibility – Accommodating rental contracts guarantee that you have instant availability to the number of systems you require, where you require them and when you require them. Contracts can also be extended or cut short promising that you only pay for use of the equipment.


  • Support – Hardware support with every rental is offered along with optional installation.


  • Avoid budget constraints – Purchasing IT & AV equipment can be a costly thing and capital may not always be there. Renting is easier and quicker and unlike capital expenditure, rental items can be set off against tax.


However, if rental is not for you and you want to own the kit you use without having to pay in one hit, our Rent to Own scheme is the answer for you.

Rent to Own schemes give you the opportunity to spread the costs of IT or AV projects over a period of time.


Why Rent to Own?

  • Hamilton Rentals can often supply IT & AV equipment considerably cheaper than traditional methods.
  • For your customers, rental cost can be met out of Operating Expenditure and not out of their Capital Expenditure budget.
  • Cash flow is advanced as payments can be spread of a number of months.
  • All equipment provided under the RTO scheme is maintained by the manufacturer’s warranty and is UK sourced.
  • Risk is reduced.


For more information our rental services or Rent to Own schemes please mail info@hamilton.co.uk, call 01344 456600 or visit www.hamilton.co.uk.

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