Hamilton Asset Management want your surplus and redundant IT

server Recycling

We can collect, data wipe, audit and re-market your surplus and redundant IT assets on your behalf effectively turning your
hardware into cash.
  We offer secure collection and recycling  and disposal of your unwanted or  redundant IT Hardware. 

All of our disposals are processed in compliance with the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) regulations and the Data Protection Act.

We offer our customers:

  • Secure international de-installation and collection services
  • Safe data erasure/destruction both on and off site using CESG approved tools
  • Hard disk shredding for added security
  • An ADISA distinction approved storage and processing facility
  • ISO 27001, 14001, 9001 Security, Environmental and Quality accredited

Customers use our services to:

  • Save money and create revenue streams
  • Relocate or scale down their servers and storage
  • Comply with environmental policy (WEEE)
  • Guarantee security of data
  • Securely store surplus IT
  • Count & catalogue existing systems


For further details please contact
T: +44(0)203 3272390

E: assetman@hamilton.co.uk

W: www.hamilton-am.com



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