Google Tablet Hires Gaining Ground

In the Hamilton Rentals tablet rental inventory, we get to see a lot of top of the line equipment as it is released. However, there has been a recent trend of Google tablets popping up in the market that are gaining popularity and posing as serious competitors for Apple’s famously popular iPad.

This past year, several new Google tablet hires have been added to our inventory. Google’s Android tablets have slowly gained traction in the technological realm, which can be vastly attributed to the growth, development and improvement of the Android operating system since its initial conception.

Google tablet devices like Samsung Galaxy Tabs give business users the familiar interface of the Android smartphones that many have turned to in lieu of the iPhone. Not only do these Google tablet rentals have the power that businesses need for mobile computing, but despite all the bells and whistles these devices still come with a much lower price tag than their Apple competitors.

It isn’t difficult to see why Google’s Android tablets are gaining popularity in the tablet rental market. Although iPads are still a consumer favourite, Google tablets are becoming just as lightweight and sleekly designed as the iPad. Not to mention, they give you a choice of size – whereas the iPad and the iPad mini only offer the one-size standards.

Google tablet hires offer the functionality and connectivity that allows team members to share information easily and make use of powerful word processing applications so that business users can stay productive on the go. Not only can these devices take a major chunk out of your growing office to-do list, but they look great doing it – high definition displays and top quality microphone & speakers built right into the device give users the highest quality audio and visual experience.

We’re certainly curious to see if this trend of Google tablets in the market will continue, or if the next version of the iPad will change the tablet game yet again!

If you are interested in top of the line Android tablet hires from Hamilton Rentals, click here for a quote or contact us today.


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