Hamilton Rentals Now Offering Managed Print Services


Hamilton Rentals is pleased to announce that we will be adding Managed Print Services to our line of consultation amenities.  Many organisations waste thousands every year on their current printing processes. Hamilton aims to eliminate print overspending, and reduce cost and wasted resources.

It is not uncommon for businesses to spend too much money on printing processes, because they do not realise that there are options available that could make their process more efficient. In a recent study by InfoTrends, they reveal that organisations polled estimated that only 3% of their annual revenues were spent on document management. In reality, the revenue spending for document control reached roughly 6% – twice as much as they thought they were spending.

Hamilton Rentals’ managed print service consultations evaluate your business’s current printing versus your printing needs, taking into consideration the size of your staff, the nature of printing required, and a number of other key factors. Through our managed print service, we reduce your company’s overall energy consumption by condensing the number of devices being used and suggesting more energy-efficient printing solutions for your business. We provide insight into your current print consumption that often goes overlooked during budgeting, and offer customised service and support to give your company the effective printing solution it needs.

Our Balance Deployment Managed Print Solutions service reduces print waste drastically, and our Secure Print Software Solutions cut back on print volume by about 20 percent annually. Combined, our managed print services are able to help businesses scale back on unnecessary spending and free up valuable IT resources in the process.

Your business may be spending more than it has to on yearly printing costs. Find out how evaluating your printing processes and budget can save your company money today by contacting Hamilton Rentals, or click here to contact us.


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