Hamilton Asset Management pass the ADISA Annual Audit with a Distinction


Hamilton Asset Management’s new IT Recycling facility has passed the ADISA Annual Audit with flying colours and has obtained a Distinction grade.

ADISA’s objective is to highlight the IT security risk within the asset disposal process and to work with all parties to help improve service quality, raise professionalism and ensure data is protected by an acceptable sanitisation process.

The Distinction grade obtained by Hamilton’s Maple Center means that its been graded as one of the top IT Asset Disposal companies in the UK and has achieved a security standard for IT Asset Disposal which ensures that the equipment, and therefore the data, is managed and protected throughout the process until the data itself is wiped or destroyed.

Hamilton Asset Management offers its customers:

  • Secure international deinstallation & collection services
  • Safe data erasure/destruction both on and off site using CESG approved toolsdata erasure on and off site
  • Hard disk shredding for added security
  • An ADISA distinction approved storage and processing facility
  • Online live asset tracking for peace of mind
  • Resale of recycled servers to offset the cost
  • Fully certified offering Certificates of Destruction and Waste Transfer Notes

For more details please visit www.hamilton-am.com



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