Hamilton Rentals Now Manage System x Loans

Hamilton Rentals Europes leading IT rental company now manages the IBM System X Server Evaluation Loan Pool

The IBM System x Server Evaluation Loan Pool is designed to give IBM and the Channel a Zero Cost, short term loan/rental of the latest System x Servers & Storage solutions allowing customers to easily evaluate IBM’s latest technology.

The IBM Server Evaluation program offers:

  • Free short term loan of the latest System x Servers & Storage (subject to IBM approval)
  • Extensive product offering of the latest models
  • Equipment supported by Hamilton Rentals during loan period
  • Dedicated IBM sales & Technical support
  • Flexible ed of rental options include return with no penalty or extension

IBM customers can gain access to the latest servers and srorage which include:

    IBM System x Servers

  • IBM System x3250 M3
  • IBM System x3650 M3
  • IBM System x3755 M3
  • IBM System x3850 M3
  • IBM System x3950 M3
  • IBM System x3550 M3

IBM BladeCenter Servers

  • IBM BladeCenter HS22/HS22V

IBM DiskSystem Storage

  • IBM System Storage DS3400
  • IBM System Storage DS3512/DS3524

Visit our IBM Partner webpages for more details http://www.hamilton.co.uk/channel.cfm?p=200


2 Responses to “Hamilton Rentals Now Manage System x Loans”

  1. Sean Murphy Says:

    Cool. Keep going.

  2. Patrick Murphy Says:

    Oh awesome news. It’ll be very helpful. Thanks

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