Apple a Growing Influence, but Windows PC Still Heavy in Rentals

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UltraBook as the Answer to MacBook Air

Although Apple’s influence continues to grow within the corporate technology space with its slick products like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPad / iPad 2, it has yet to actually dominate the corporate consumer arena that has traditionally favored Windows PC.

While at Hamilton Rentals we see our Apple hire stock become an increasingly more popular rental option among our business customers, many organisations who have maintained their infrastructure on Windows seek out hardware that is consistent with their current configurations.

Like TechCrunch writer Matt Burns wrote:

“As I write this, I’m sitting in my office. Around me, there are nine computers — seven of them run Windows. I have three slates, too — only one is an iPad. Welcome to the Post-PC world outside of San Francisco where Microsoft is still top dog and Apple is a niche, but admittedly, influential player.”

According to Burns, the PC market’s answer to the slick Apple products will come through UltraBooks, running on the power of Intel’s latest technology.

The first “true” UltraBook will come with the release of Asus UX21 in September—reminiscent of the MacBook Air with a shiny aluminum casing and a super-thin design.  Also like the MacBook Air, the laptop will feature a compact motherboard, CPU and flash storage.  The UX21 will also run on Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPU.

The added appeal of an UltraBook like the Asus UX21 is the universal corporate appeal of seamless integration with coveted Windows 7.

Whether your organisation prefers Apple or PC hire, Hamilton Rentals has a wide selection of PC and Mac notebooks available to suit your specific requirements.


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