Apple Seeks an EU Ban on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets

In Apple’s crusade to protect its creative property, the latest in a string of legal actions against Samsung has progressed in an effort to implement a European Union ban on imports of all of the company’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

The Galaxy Tab is one of the only other tablets on the market seen as a legitimate competitor to Apple’s reign with the iPad and iPad 2.

Samsung products that would be affected by the injunction, filed in The Netherlands’ Hague district court, include Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S and Galaxy SII smartphones in addition to Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The complaint was reviewed by German Web publication, WebWereld (Google’s English translation available here — not perfect but you get the idea), further demanding a letter from Samsung to distributors and resellers with the request to return all stock back to the company within 14 days, at Samsung’s expense. Acting outside of compliance with this request would be an infringement on Apple’s intellectual property.

“For the record, we mention the fact that by the stock, the offering and/or selling said Galaxy smartphones [and tablets, red], infringes the intellectual property of Apple Inc.,” Apple cited in the complaint.

Samsung will continue to battle for its products in Europe, responding in a company statement: “Samsung will continue to actively defend and protect our intellectual property and to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communication business.”

Our tablet rental services span the globe, with a huge stock of  iPads and iPad 2s in addition to Samsung Galaxy Tabs from our U.S. branch.  As these developments continue, we’ll see how the U.K. is affected by the results.  In the meantime, contact us for an inquiries your organisation has about our iPad hire services.


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