Apple Hire More Portable than Ever with MacBook Air and iPad 2

Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 are famous for packing the functions of a laptop into a package at just 613g, and with the latest models of the notably thin MacBook Air including an 11-inch—the company’s portable options are growing, indeed.

One account comparing the products side-by-side was presented by someone with a profession epitomising the term “mobile professional;”  photojournalist Edmond Terakopian in The British Journal of Photography.

Terakopian notes the amount of equipment required for professional photography often puts a heavy burden on the backs and shoulders of the photographers. Along with the heavy professional camera itself, there are also pro-spec lenses, lights and computer equipment.

Despite the fact that the iPad 2 wasn’t necessarily designed for photo editing, and that many of the current photographic-centric apps are what he describes as “gimmicky,” Terakopian found he often turned to his iPad to edit and transmit pictures.

The 11-inch MacBook Air was also easily portable, and lightweight, although at 1.06kg, not as much so as the iPad 2.  He found the laptop can be comfortably used sitting on your lap using both hands to type and control the touchpad.

However, as was mentioned before, a photojournalist’s needs for portability are serious, and that is where the iPad trumps the MacBook Air.  He writes, “The iPad 2 is held in one hand and easily controlled with the other using its touchscreen interface. So if you’re on the hoof, covering a demonstration, for example, it’s easier to use to edit pictures and send them through to the picture desk.”

If you’re looking to suit your mobile professionals with truly portable equipment – contact us Hamilton Rentals where our Apple hire lineup includes both the iPad 2 and MacBook Air.


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