iPad and Projector Rentals to Come Together with Apple’s Latest Patent

As if Apple hasn’t already made a huge impression on our IT hardware, it looks like it will be making a big splash in AV as well.

We’ve seen how Apple devices like iPad 2 can enable AV equipment like projectors and plasma/LCD displays when connected with an HDMI adapter, but it seems that Apple will officially enter into the projector business as well.

According to Patently Apple, Apple’s latest patent indicates the tech giant will actually be integrating projectors into its iOS devices.

Apple first hinted at the possibility for mini or pico-like projectors in future iOS devices back in 2009.  After that, the rumor mill was full of tips and leads of the company incorporating projection systems in MacBook. The latest patent explains in full detail how the company will integrate pico-like projectors for iOS devices with particular references for use within a shared workspace presentation.

The company’s desire to further infiltrate the business market is clearly visible with this latest development. Soon you will be able to turn on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, lay it on a table, and broadcast your latest presentation.  The MacBook won’t have the projector actually built-in, but rather an accompanying accessory to plug in to the laptop.

The patent applications were published by the US Patent & Trademark office today.  No one knows how long it will take for this technology to hit the market, but it will surely be a hit for Apple in the corporate market.

It will also be exciting for us at Hamilton Rentals, as we supply businesses of all sizes with Apple hire and projector rentals.  Bringing the two together will be very cool indeed.


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