It’s no Secret: Students Love Tablets and Laptops

We’ve wrote about technology in the classroom before.  Tablets, laptops, online file sharing—it’s all becoming more commonplace in today’s educational institutions for students of all ages.

As time passes and technology progresses, the data supporting this theory continues to grow as well.  Most recently, has created a very cute graphic which you can find below.

According to their numbers, 27 percent of students surveyed said their laptop was the most important item in their backpack, compared to 10 percent who responded their text book was the most vital.

Three out of four students say they couldn’t (or maybe, wouldn’t) study without technology, with one in four respondents citing podcasts as a resource.  Almost half of the students—46 percent—respond more favorably to digital reading assignments than those on paper.

A whopping 91 percent of students indicated using email as a means to receive extra help from their teachers.  While in the classroom, 82 percent of students said they use devices to write papers, 81 percent use them for research, 70 percent opt for the devices in lieu of a pen and paper, and 65 percent use technology to make class presentations.

Still climbing in popularity under email and laptops are other mediums like social networking sites and tablets.  Only 8 percent of respondents use social sites to contact their teachers, and 13 percent use cell phones.  However, tablets are becoming a quick favorite of the student population.  About three fourths of students who own tablets said they prefer them to traditional textbooks, and nearly half of the respondents believe that the portable technology will completely replace the paper-based counterparts in the next five years.

Even if students don’t already own a tablet, they likely want one, as 90 percent of students believe it would make studying more efficient.

Considering incorporating a stronger technological presence in your educational facility?  Contact us at Hamilton Rentals to learn more about iPad and laptop rental, whether it’s for a special project or to test out the technology before making a purchase.

Students Love Technology


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