Technology Brings Londoners and Worldwide Supporters Together Amidst Chaos

Owly Images

As a result of the chaos emerging from riots sweeping London over the weekend, there is a positive light beginning to shine as people have come together to rectify the damage through the collaborative efforts made over the Web.

Thanks to technology, social media platforms have allowed those with a positive influence to organise massive riot cleanups.

While technology got a bit of a bad rap when the riots began—as rioters used RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger to organize their havoc—the recent efforts to cleanup the destruction were put together via public mediums like Facebook and Twitter, showing that the capability for evil lies within the user, and not the technology itself.

Mashable reports a few key hubs having sprouted up with the Twitter page @RiotCleanup having already gained more than 50,000 followers in less than 10 hours.

You can see from this picture posted by CommunityUK (the organisation providing broadband access to counsel-housing areas included Leigh Park Hampshire, and of which Hamilton Rentals is a preferred IT partner), how community members and worldwide supporters are coming together to restore the city.

Other mediums like Tumblr account “Catch a Looter” are even accepting and posting images of the looters for identification.

So cheers to the volunteers taking back the streets of London, one broom at a time, and cheers to technology for bringing them together.

(To learn more about the technology of Hamilton Rentals, visit the company page to learn about its AV and IT rental selection).


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