Apple Optimises Mac Hire and Printer Rental with Latest Drivers








Here’s a bit of news suited for two areas near and dear to our rental hearts: Apple has released a printer driver for printers Samsung, Brother, and those offered by Hamilton Rentals—HP printers.

The HP Printer Driver v.2.7 is available for download in Apple’s iTunes—requiring Mac OSX v. 10.6.1 or later/OS X Lion on your MacBook or iMac.

CNET contributor Topher Kessler wrote Apple uses its Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) in OS X, that “uses generic driver sets that are enhanced to support specific features and functions of individual printer models, so as new models come out Apple can more easily tweak drivers to work with them.”

If you’ve been utilising a HP printer rental for some time with your Apple laptop or desktop rental (or in-house Mac-setup) and haven’t experienced any issues with performance, the update to the drivers likely isn’t necessary and can even alter your current configuration and increase the possibility that something will go wrong, according to Kessler.

Further, should you require an update, you may not need to seek it out.  Often the driver updates will present themselves within the automatic software updates OS X will scan for. If you’ve just received the printer rental, OS X will automatically download the drivers when the printer is installed.  If you choose to hire a printer from Hamilton Rentals—you can simply sit back and enjoy the optimised functionality of the technology as an accredited engineer will test and install the printer into your infrastructure as a part of the company’s services.

Whether it’s Apple hire services you seek, or a HP printer rental, Hamilton Rentals has a substantial hardware inventory to suit the needs of your organisation. Hamilton carries over 600 printers in its computer rental fleet with competitive low prices for short or long term rental.  Contact us to learn more.


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