A Laptop Rental with Extended Battery Life Buys you Time in Starbucks

When you’re toting around your laptop rental at an on-site project, trade show or maybe just moving back and forth between your office and multiple locations—you need to count on a model with optimum battery life.

Our vendors have heard your cries.  Lenovo answered with its ThinkPad T420 with the promise of reaching “new battery life benchmarks of up to 30 hours with an extended battery.”

HP has responded with its EliteBook 8460p, said to provide “industry-leading battery life of up to 32 hours.”

These options are particularly useful for those of you posting up at your local cafes, as international chain Starbucks has started its first initiatives of kicking out laptop lingerers in some of its stores in New York City. The coffee mogul will start covering its outlets with blank faceplates to discourage those of you creating makeshift office desks out of its tables.

But it seems the joke is on Starbucks when you power-up the ThinkPad T420 and EliteBook 8460p.  We can’t gauge how much coffee you’d have to buy to justify the table hogging that could accompany a laptop capable of providing 30 hours of work time.

Perhaps this is a battle best left to the store management and the squatters.  We can only provide you with the latest hardware to the benefit of your business, but how and where you use the technology is up to you.

Providing an extensive line of Lenovo and HP models in our laptop rental fleet, Hamilton Rentals is suited to cater to the needs of companies of all sizes.  Contact us for more information.


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