Need Secure Storage for an IT Equipment Surplus? We’re Ready to Help

There are many issues to consider when you have a surplus of IT equipment.  Do you want to dispose of it? Do you want to try to make some money from it?

What do you do when you want to store it?

No matter what you decide, you can rest assured that the experts of Hamilton Rentals Asset Management team has you set.  Your IT department is busy planning the growth of your company’s technology while repairing its technical glitches from the small, to the catastrophic.  Let this be an area where they can get a break, and we’ll take over.  We’ll remarket your products to get you the best return on value, or we’ll dispose of it using the proper recycling methods in full compliance with WEEE regulations.

When you need to hold on to your IT equipment but just don’t have the space, we offer you the utmost secure asset storage.  Companies who come to us seeking secure storage often have a surplus or temporarily redundant equipment that they just don’t have the room for.  Tuck it away and save it for a rainy day, that’s fine with us.

Others may want to have the equipment refurbished or reconfigured by the experts at Hamilton Rentals, or have new equipment pending configuration prior to installation.  Some companies even have leased assets that are pending end of lease collection, or a heap of machines that they’d rather see go to charity than see it disposed of.

No matter what the reason, your business can take advantage of our excellent organisation provided by expert logistics and a bespoke online asset track system, and find assurance in our highly secure facility operated by aviation-level security cleared staff.

Our staff has extensive experience handling IT equipment, and as a company, we have been handling asset tracking and enterprise level logistics for the past 45 years.  We are ready to support all storage requirements, no matter the size of your company.  Contact us if we can help you.


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