LCD Rental News: The Younger the TV Display, the More Energy Efficient

According to the latest figures, you can feel free to enjoy your plasma or LCD display without the twinge of guilt you may have felt before, as flat-screen TVs have now become even greener than their bulky predecessors.

The Guardian reported that flat-screen TVs, once loathed by environmentalists over the past decade along with patio heatres, SUVs and incadescent lightubilts, have cut their average electricity consumption by more than half.

Speaking more specificially, the advances in TV technology have shown a decrease in overall energy use by 60 percent since 2006, “leaving a 42-inch LED TV today costing just £14 a year to run compared with around £80 for a plasma screen in 2006, in present day prices.”

While in the home, TVs account for 6 to 8 percent of global energy consumption, as a business, you likely don’t need an abundance of  TVs to run throughout the year. However, you may find yourself in need of a high resolution display for your next tradeshow or coporate event.

That’s where we come in.

Our lineup of plasma and LCD rentals come from top of the line manfuacturers like Samsung, Panasonic and NEC.  While you could always count on the quality picture of the displays, won’t you feel better knowing that they aren’t consuming quite as much energy as they were projected to years back?

To learn more about renting from our product line of plasma and LCD displays, contact us at Hamilton Rentals, where we’ve just recently continued our expansion of choices.


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