Hamilton Rentals AV and IT Rental for Event Production

Hamilton Rentals is the UK’s leading provider of AV display, computer, tablet, and server rental.

This segment is dedicated to a particular sector of our customer base—those in corporate event production.  A proud member of the Event Supplier and Services Association, Hamilton Rentals has over 40 years of experience and a rental fleet worth over 24 million pounds.

That being said, we’ve got the hardware to support events of all sizes whether it’s a massive sport gathering, a trade show, or a corporate meeting.

At Hamilton Rentals, we work directly with our customers to meet their exact requirements, but we also work with other IT and AV rental companies as well as production companies who need some help meeting the needs of a client.  We even work with training companies to ensure the required IT equipment is available.

Whether it’s a fantastic high definition plasma or LCD rental you need to display multimedia, or a high quality projector or touch screen monitor, we’ve got plenty of those. We also provide tablets like the iPad and iPad 2 for audience interaction and sign in—or perhaps you’d prefer laptops. We’ve got those too.

But we are forgetting something– let’s not leave out the interactive white board and floor displays we also have for hire.

So remember, when you need technology for an upcoming event, contact us at Hamilton Rentals. Thanks for watching, and thanks for renting.


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