Don’t Lose your Data, Use a Back-Up Server Rental for Disaster Recovery

It’s a dangerous situation that many enterprises and large organisations face, and must prepare for.  The most recent headline of this nature: thousands of town hall records of Lambeth taxpayers’ private information are at risk of being lost because of data centre shortcomings.

The South London Press reported earlier today that if “disaster” should strike Lambeth council’s computer server—all electronic records could be lost.

The risks presented by the town hall’s computer headquarters stem from a lack of a back-up method holding copies of the records to ensure the safety of the data. Large organisations often contact us at Hamilton Rentals seeking a server rental to place in a second location as a form of insurance for disaster recovery or cloud outages.  It is a common practice by IT departments that was unfortunately overlooked in this situation.

Councillor Ashley Lumsden, Lib Dem opposition group leader, told the news source: “This report implies that things have gone backwards while technology has being moving forwards.”

According to reporter Sam Masters, the report indicated that “Ivor House was a ‘single point of failure,’ meaning if a disaster struck, there would be no back-up copies of the records.”  The report also suggested that the current state of repair of the old building presents an additional risk.

“Vital data about everything from benefits to vulnerable children to care packages for housebound people is all at risk, with potentially serious consequences,” added Councillor Lumsden.

The town hall is now looking at spending up to £4.7million in improvements to its current data centre at Ivor House in Acre Lane, Brixton.

Organisations facing similar situations to Lambeth can contact the experts at Hamilton Rentals for help. With the largest server rental inventory in the world, the organisation is suited to meet the needs of various sizes—from the enterprise to government entities.

Hamilton Asset Management further offers data centre relocation services to those looking toward a move.

Contact us to learn more.


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