Smart Presentations use SMART technology: Interactive Whiteboard Rental

Looking to add bit of touch interaction to your next presentation at the company’s annual conference, trade show or other exhibition? Whether you’re in the corporate world or the education sector, you’ll find good use for a 77” SMART Board 680 Interactive Whiteboard.

The attached boom-mounted, short-throw UF55 projector is located directly above the SMART Board, reducing shadows behind the user and enhancing visibility of the text, images and videos you use to add resonance and full-integration of the business or educational concepts of your presentation.

Using SMART technology will allow your company to exhibit a forward-moving approach in technology utilization—impressing current and prospective clients and also allowing for further information retention among students.

Here are the specs for the SMART Board 680 Interactive Whiteboard available for hire at Hamilton Rentals:

  • 77 inch display
  • 61 5/8” W x 26 1/8” H (156.5 cm x 117.2 cm)
  • UF55 Projector: 4.3 aspect ration; native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution
  • Mobile floor stand

To learn more about the touch screen rental options available for corporate event planners and educational institutions, visit Hamilton Rentals website.  The company has the largest IT and AV rental fleet in the world, carrying the world’s leading brands.  No matter what your hardware needs, from Interactive Whiteboard Rental to tablets and laptops, Hamilton can meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Interested in pricing?  Request a quote and one of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.


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  1. iPad Tips Says:

    Great site here. Many blogs like this cover subjects that can’t be found in print. I don’t know how we got by 15 years ago with just magazines and newspapers.

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