Don’t Want to Say Goodbye to MacBook? Rent one from Hamilton Rentals


Sad, but true.  Apple revealed its latest laptop lineup and one staple was left out—the MacBook.

Engadget confirmed with the tech giant that the classic, affordable MacBook has indeed been discontinued.

The plastic MacBook was Apple’s cheapest laptop option, under the slim MacBook Air and the triple-set of MacBook Pros in three different sizes.

Although educational institutions will still be able to purchase the budget-friendly MacBook, individual consumers will have to fork out the extra cash for one of the company’s higher end laptops.

However, if your business is not an “educational institution,” or even if you are and don’t want to commit to the final purchase of a fleet of MacBooks, Hamilton Rentals can help you.  With the largest laptop rental fleet in the world, our extensive line of Apple products for hire include the classic MacBook wiped from Apple’s shelves.

Whether it’s a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iPad 2 that your business needs for an event, training, conference or other exhibition, we’ve got the inventory to support your endeavors.


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