Oracle’s Highest Performance Enterprise Server: Sun Sparc M9000 from Hamilton Rentals

When your business is operating in the enterprise, you need the best of the best, and that’s what you’ll get with Oracle’s Sun Sparc M9000 Server—the company’s highest performance enterprise server.   With up to 64 processors and 256 cores, this beast is designed for mission-critical events and demanding deployments in virtualisation, consolidation and multi-hosting.

Rest assured that the largest multiprocessor enterprise server is optimised for mission critical computing 24 hours a day, seven days a week with large share memory applications.  Oracle guarantees the M9000 will deliver mainframe reliability and extreme scalability for the largest workloads.

Here’s just a few other specifications: 

  • 32 x 2.88GHz SPARC64 CPUs
  • 512GB System Memory
  • 2 x PCI-E IO Units
  • 2 x BASE IO Cards
  • 4 x 146GB Hard Drives
  • 2 x Sun StorageTek PCI-E Enterprise 4GB FC HBA
  • 2 X Sun x8 PCI Express Quad Gigabit Ethernet Card
  • Solaris 10 OS

At Hamilton Rentals, where we provide the largest server rental fleet in the world, your enterprise business can get its hands on the Sun Sparc M9000 through several directions.

If you’d only like to try out the enterprise server for the short term, or are dealing with budgetary constraints, consider renting the M9000.  You can also rent the server as an alternative to costly support costs in the event of an outage—providing you with back-up insurance with extra capacity on demand.

Want to keep the server, but can’t pay for it all at once?  Our rent-to-own option lets you spread out your payments over a six or 12 month span.

Can’t wait, need it now?  Save money and avoid long delivery lead times by purchasing the server from us today.  You can shave off some of the cost with your redundant IT equipment and trade for an upgrade to the M9000.

To learn more about the Sun Sparc M9000 and our other latest offerings, contact us at Hamilton Rentals.


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