Profit from Your Excessive IT Equipment with Hamilton’s Asset Remarketing

What would you do with surplus IT equipment? Let it sit in storage? Dispose of it?

What if you could make some money from it?

When you have excessive IT equipment in your inventory, you can seek the help of Hamilton Asset Management.  If you just want to get rid of it, we can dispose of the equipment for you by securely wiping the data from the devices before recycling them in full WEEE compliance.  But before you make this decision, talk to our expert asset remarketing team on how your institution can gain to profit from your surplus.

The commercial model of Hamilton will not only provide you with top-tier customer service, but will further reinforce the resale of your equipment and ensure you receive the return on value.  Rest assured that we will entirely wipe the equipment of any company data before repurposing it for resale.  We have the capability to erase all hard drives from SCSI to fibre channel and beyond, so you can benefit financially rather than being forced to destroy your former investment.

Whether the equipment you have is new or used, redundant or for any reason at all—we can remarket, and resell your goods.

To learn more about the offerings of Hamilton Asset Management, contact one of our experts today.  We have over 45 years experience in the IT sector—whether its logistics, data erasure, asset tracking or asset disposal that you need.  Let us worry about the equipment moving out of your business, and let your IT team concentrate on moving forward.


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