Laptop Rental News: HP Next in Line to Compete with MacBook Air

Of all of Apple’s products, the one laptop generating the most rumors  spawn from the MacBook Air.  The slim, highly functional laptop has few others that can really compare—but other manufacturers are trying to jump on board.

The most recent challenger to the MacBook Air will allegedly come from HP’s latest “UltraBook” – hinted to be coming soon from HP’s chief executive, Leo Apotheker at last month’s D9 conference.

The term “UltraBook” refers to thin laptops like the MacBook Air, and was coined by Intel, who describes it as a laptop with tablet-like features in a thin, light and elegant design.

An UltraBook will only get as thick as 20 mm—with most designs even slimmer.

Other competing models include the Asus UX21, expected to be released in the fall; and the Samsung Series 9, already available, is largely considered an UltraBook as well.

Other features found in UltraBooks include a solid-state drive, instant-resume, and battery-life extending power management, according to CNET.

The alleged HP laptops will reportedly operate on Intel’s Core i7 Sandy Bridge processor, and will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics (who made news recently with a factory explosion, and is known as a producer of Apple’s iPad).

If Apple fans can hold tight, they can experience the MacBook Air with Intel’s Sandy Bridge as well as their PC counter parts, as the newest releases are expected to operate on the power-efficient processor.

Has your business considered investing in a fleet of MacBook Air laptops, or do you have a short-term need for the skinny units?  Our laptop rental fleet carries both HP and MacBook models (although if you’re looking for a thin notebook like the Air, you’ll have to stick with Apple for now).  Contact us to learn more.


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