Server Rental: IBM Brings Mainframes to the Mid-Range

As energy and space costs continue to plague institutions in data centres around the world, IBM continues to offer products made to ease the burden of the tech budgets of these companies.

For instance, the POWER7 server lineup (available for trial in one of our server rental programs), continues to forge ahead as an energy efficient solution for companies looking for environmental and fiscal responsibility.

The company has taken a step even further by “shrinking” the mainframe targeted at mid-end and emerging markets with the new z114 system.  The innovation was made in response to the increasing amounts of data forming as the Internet continues to grow, and consequently, the increasing demand for data management that accompanies it.  This is, according to RTN, “stretching the concept of ‘server farms’ to its limit.”

The z114 can be loaded with up to 14 processors, and its bigger brother, the z196, can have up to 80.

IBM maintains it is making full use of the transition that many of the new mainframes have made to run on Linux or Windows servers as opposed to the zOS.  “If it is big computing power that is needed, it is better to use a mainframe than string together a series of low power servers,” wrote RTN’s Trisha Thomas.

“Clients can consolidate workloads from 40 Oracle server cores on to a new z114 with just three [of 14] processors running Linux [on the new z114]. Compared to the Oracle servers the new z114 costs 80 percent less with similar dramatic savings on floor space and energy,” said the company in a statement, adding, “The new z114 can also consolidate more than 300 HP Proliant servers running Oracle workloads.”

The company further noted that the new capabilities brought by the zEnterprise System can help simplify data centers with its ability to manage workloads across mainframe, POWER7 and System x servers as a single system.


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