UK Bombs Out of Robot World Cup; Nevertheless, Shows Endless Possibilities in IT Rental

Represented by Edinburgh University’s Edinferno squad, the U.K.’s best robot-footballers were eliminated in the group stages of the Robot World Cup held in Istanbul over the past weekend.

As the BBC worded it: “The U.K.’s best robot footballers have followed the example of their human counterparts and bombed out of the football World Cup.”

What a shame.

According to Dr. Subramanian Ramamoorthy, assistant professor at the School of Informatics at Edinburgh, the U.K. robo-players weren’t as affective as their international counterparts because there was no national RoboCup tournament where engineers could finely tune the quirks.

Each robot operates autonomously with its own software intelligence.

“Almost all the bugs that stopped us were because we were not match ready,” Ramamoorthy told the BBC.

We can give them some slack, given that this was the first British team to make an appearance at the Cup—and perhaps one of the only first-timers. Romamoorthy told reporters, “We learned that our core technology is not that bad even though we haven’t been very successful.”

RoboCup began in 1997 after IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer beat chess grand master Garry Kasparov.  The event is known as one of the largest gathering of robots on the planet. It further provides organizations with the ability to test software-only simulations, and football was settled as the “grand challenge” for developers to hone in on the technology.
Even though the U.K. robots were newbies, the event produces increasingly more sophisticated robots each year.

Organiser of RoboCup, Dr. Cetin Mericli believes that robots will become a more commonplace gadget for households and businesses in the future.  If this is true, perhaps you’ll find robot hire as a service listed in our list of short term IT rental services in the years to come.

Until then, we have a plentiful supply (the largest in the world) of servers, laptops, tablets, plasma/LCD displays and other IT rental services.  Our list keeps expanding, so who knows what our rental line with look like years down the road.

…..the possibilities are endless 🙂


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