The Latest in Apple Hire: Will We See Lion OSX 10.7 on Thursday?

According the latest reports, Apple may be releasing its newest OSX 10.7, aka “Lion” as early as next Thursday.   What’s more, the tech giant is also rumored to release new versions of the MacBook Air slimline notebook on Tuesday.

It seems that the machines within the Apple stores are being prepped with the necessary increase of extra RAM for the upgrade from OSX 10.6, aka “Snow Leopard.” The Lion upgrade requires at least 2GB of RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor (like those laptop rentals in our Apple Hire line).

The final version, or “Golden Master” version of Lion has been in use by developers since the beginning of this month.  They’ve even been tweeting their findings and creating new words like “Roardacted,” as The Guardian so very clearly describes, a play on “roar” and “redacted.”  Clever eh?

The news organization was able to get one reaction from an anonymous developer on what Apple fans can expect from Lion: “One thing that’s really changing for the Mac is security. They’re bringing the decidedly successful sandboxing [where code can only run in a controlled space, with severely limited access to machine resources] from iOS to the Mac. Can I see a time where all apps have to be downloaded from the Mac app store? Maybe.”

You can check out this article to get more of the inside scoop on what Lion will offer.

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