Plasma Re-enters the Market in Style, and We’ve Got Them for Hire

It seems as if plasma TVs are making a comeback, according to the latest stats from the Plasma Display Coalition.  If you’re one of those wanting to ride the wave, but don’t want to dish out the cash for something you need for the short term, you’re in luck as Hamilton Rentals has you covered for plasma hire.

The Coalition, founded by Pansonic and LG Electronics, revealed earlier last month it had positive predictions for the Plasma HD TV sector at the close of the second quarter of 2011. This is in large part due to the latest innovations in the technology allowing the newer TVs to operate with greater energy efficiency.

“While Plasma displays have long been the preferred screens in the test labs of industry reviewers, many home entertainment specialists also agree that Plasma HDTV provides outstanding picture performance through superior picture contrast, exceptionally deep black levels, and crisp resolution even in fast-motion scenes,” said Jim Palumbo, President of the Plasma Display Coalition.

“With the introduction of lifelike 3D Plasma displays coupled with more affordable products, Plasma HDTV is continuing to top the large-screen sales charts. Several 2011 Plasma HDTVs also meet the new more stringent ENERGY STAR 5.3 requirements, which recognize top performers in their size classes,” he added.

The percentage of HDTV sets with plasma technology grew with 12 percent year-over-year revenue gain in the first quarter, according to Tamaryn Pratt, Principal at Quixel Research.

With added 3D technology (as some of the models in our plasma rental fleet possess) industry experts believe that plasma can re-position itself as a fixed entity within the HDTV market.

The two big players in the plasma industry, Panasonic and LG Electronics have revamped their latest plasma TVs to be increasingly more energy efficient, as some of its newer units were ENERGY STAR rated at 69 watts compared to a similar model putting out 158 watts in 2008.  This amounts to a nearly 60 percent reduction in power usage.

To learn more about plasma hire for your next event, business conference or exhibition, contact Hamilton Rentals. We’re well suited to supply events of all sizes, for companies both big and small.


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