The Latest External Hard Drive Companion for Apple Hire

Touted the “next great Pc-to-peripheral interconnect” by Apple and Intel, the  Thunderbolt ports of your iMac and MacBook Pro can be put to good use with the Promise Pegasus line of external RAID hard drives.

The Promise Pegasus R4 is a four-bay external drive with 4TB and 8TB capacities, according to PC Magazine’s Joel Santo Domingo.  The R6 version of the Promise Pegasus is likewise a six-bay external drive with 6TB and 12TB capacities.

The Thunderbolt’s praise from its makers evolves from the 10Gbps “theoretical maximum throughput.”

According to Domingo, “This trumps both eSATA (3Gbps) and USB 3.0 (5Gbps), plus Thunderbolt can be daisy-chained so monitors, hard drives, and other peripherals can be connected together to the single Thunderbolt connector on newer iMacs and MacBook Pros.”

Configurations for the Promise Pegasus drives are RAID 0, 1, 5, 50, 6 and 10—providing varying levels of speed, data redundancy, or a measure of both, depend on the needs of the user.

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