Technology for Every Girl, Boy and Religious Leader

The Pope uses an iPad, too.

Every organization functioning within today’s modern age has utilized technology to get their word out.  The “word” is typically referred to as “advertising” or “branding” efforts in the corporate world, but there is another “word” being pushed out on the Web of a different kind.

One of the oldest functioning institutions in the world, the Vatican is to launch a new Web portal that will streamline its various sects of its online media.  Didn’t realize the core of the Catholic Church was so tech savvy? Think again!  From smartphones to social media, it’s there and apparently, it’s maturing quickly.

The Telegraph recently touched on several separate media outlets the Vatican has already utilized for current and future members of the faith.

First, there are the mobile apps for iPhone and Android. The Vatican has officially endorsed “The Confession Program”—described as “a how-to guide through the sacrament of confession for Catholics,” catering to the needs of the people as “the perfect aid for every peitent.”  This app allows users to monitor their sins and act accordingly.  Another app, “iBreviary” gives users access to Church liturgy on their iPhones.

Subscribed to the Vatican channel on YouTube yet?  It’s been up and active since 2009, sharing clips of the Pope’s public addresses as well as commentary and shorts in Italian, English, Spanish and German.  The content should appeal to followers of the church as well as “curious browsers.”

As recently as the 44th world Communications Day address, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged priests to start blogging to spread the word.  The request has been met with enthusiasm from Brooklyn to Chicago—where one Cardinal even offers regular email messages of reflection and Scripture.

There are several other notable tech mediums the Church uses: the Pope’s Twitter account’ prayer podcasts; texting subscribers a “though of the day” derived from the Pop’s speeches and homilies; the Vatican even has its own domain .va.

As you can see, technology excludes no one. Virtually any organization from multiple brands, nationalities and faiths has a place in our connected world. To learn more about the above, visit the Vatican’s website.

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