A MacBook Air with the iPad’s Brain: Behold the Future of Apple Hire

Photo from “Young Frankenstein”

Taking the best parts of multiple materials and placing them into one: it’s a concept that didn’t work out so great for Dr. Frankenstein. However, rather than striking fear into the heart of a “monster’s” creator, combining the better of two very popular Apple products will likely give yet another advantage to a company already dominating the industry.

One Forbes blogger got wind of the notion of a Frankenstein-like experiment underway at Apple from one of its Japanese fan sites, Macotakara.  But be sure to note that this is all speculation.

According to the fan site, Apple has received a MacBook Air powered by the ARM-based A5 processor found in its iPad tablets.  The “monster” in this alleged case, was created by Quanta Computer. The group sites an anonymous source who saw the beta hybrid of the A5-powered MacBook Air first hand and said it was performing better than expected.

“Though it’s not clear which Mac OS X or iOS is pre-installed on this A5 MacBook Air, iOS seems to have difficulty to use features of Thunderbolt without Finder. And even if Mac OS X is installed, developer should spend time to support A5 on Universal Binary Applications. As considering these situation, this A5 MacBook Air seems to be made just for experiment,” said Macotakara’s blogger, “danbo.”

Forbes blogger Brian Caulfield doesn’t seem to think Apple would hire an outside company to operate such an experiment.  He does, however, believe Apple is likely experimenting with these parts within its own very private walls.

Caulfield brings up two points of why Apple still wouldn’t sell such a creation, even if they have completed it.  First, he said that the machine’s performance would suffer from emulation software required to support the software built for Macs running on Intel processors.  Second, Intel recently revealed a manufacturing process earlier this month to keep its processors competitive in notebooks, and could potentially move mobile in smartphones and tablets.

“That said, if Intel can’t deliver, it looks like one big customer, at least, will be able to move on without it,” he said.

Even if the hodgepodge rumor is unlikely, it’s still fun to think about the possibilities of reshaping our world of Apple hire here at Hamilton Rentals, where we offer MacBook Airs in our laptop rental fleet, and have just stocked our shelves with iPad 2s.


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