Try Before you Buy IBM Power7 Servers: for the Environmental and Fiscal-Minded Business

You’ve likely noticed the steep costs of investing in server technology, but did you know that you can test the latest innovations from top tiered models like those of the IBM Power7 server lineup from Hamilton Rentals?

Part of the zeal of Power7 technology comes from its cost-saving operations suited for businesses with ever-growing databases. While eliminating the need for constant upgrades, the servers’ functionality can also reduce staffing costs.

For the like-minded environmentally and fiscally conscientious SMBs or enterprises, these servers are energy efficient, saving costs on your electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint for the long-term. Its additional conveniences even come to physical proximity, as the Power7 offers simple deployment with the choices of rack, tower and blade servers allowing you to situate according to your ideal server room.

Renting an IBM Power7 server allows you to achieve IT upgrades with minimum risk before you decide to make a final commitment with a purchase. Hamilton offers flexible rental periods through varied purchasing options where you can rent from one week to 12 months. Whether you’re testing the server capabilities within your own infrastructure before committing to a purchase, or in need of a short-term lease for a project, there is no capital outlay, off balance sheet revenue expenditure and you have the added option to pay for the server rental over the duration of the product.

To learn more about try-before-you-buy evaluation in server technology, contact us Hamilton Rentals. Together with our U.S. affiliate, Vernon Computer Source, we offer the largest server rental fleet in the world.


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