Honey Trumps Vinegar, but What about Laptops?

After the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (formally and still more commonly referred to as Prince William and Kate Middleton), exchanged vows, the Obamas—who were not invited to the ceremony—gave the couple the winning combo of honey and laptops as a wedding gift.

Perhaps this needs a bit of clarification.

The honey is not your run-of-the-mill goo from your grocery store.  This honey came from the White House beehive, accompanied by a glass honey vase made of lead-free crystal and mined from minerals specific to the U.S.

As the couple clearly has access to any laptop their royal hearts desire, those given by the Obamas were donated to the Charitable Gift Fund set up by the Duke and Duchess through PeacePlayers International—an organization that aims to unite, educate and inspire younger people in divided communities through basketball (the U.S. President’s favorite sport).

Hamilton Rentals has made its own contributions to charitable organizations as of late.  Broadband project CommunityUK.net is connecting areas still without any Internet connection in council housing estates like Leigh Park in Hampshire.  The organization has named the IT rental major an IT Preferred Partner, who will sell low-cost ex-rental computer equipment to families who could normally not afford the cost of a technical purchase.

Hamilton Rentals, together with its U.S. affiliate, Vernon Computer Source, provides the largest range of IT equipment available for hire in the world. To learn more about its product line up, including laptop rental, be sure to contact us.


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