Forget About Smartphones, what about Smart TVs? Your Business and Plasma Hire

We’ve all read about the million of applications developers have made for the mobile user—every day new iPhone, iPad and Android apps become available to consumers worldwide.  What we hear less of are those downloads of TV apps. Smartphones are easy to come by. Smart TVs are a different story.

In general, the electronics industry has not seen its plasma and 3D TV sectors take off as fast as they would like.  This has in large part been attributed to the fact that while 3D TVs are really cool—they are not practical for the home.  However, the benefits these displays bring to your business are too great to ignore.

When you’re at a tradeshow, or holding your own event, the main objective is generally to stand out from your competition.  Having the latest technology representing your company gives a little pizzazz to accommodate your professionalism.

Earlier last month, Samsung announced it had crossed the 5 million app threshold for TV apps downloaded.  That amounts to 100,000 app downloads every four days. Among the 550 apps available for Samsung TVs were the following made-for-TV applications:

1.    YouTube
2.    Google Maps
3.    Accuweather
4.    Vimeo
5.    Texas Hold’Em
6.    Blockbuster
7.    Daily Motion
8.    USA Today

While Samsung’s VP Kevin Kyungshik Lee wrote in a press release that the app downloads could greatly be attributed to personal consumer use—several of the aforementioned apps are particularly useful for business.

No, Texas Hold’Em is not what I’m referencing.  YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion are three of business’ most important social media portals, and having these applications allows for businesses to run their branded videos as a backdrop in events, or even as a display during a corporate meeting or a classroom.  While 14 percent of apps downloaded were video-specific, another 23 percent of the apps were of the educational kind.

If your organization is interested in gaining the benefits of a 3D, plasma display but don’t want to invest in the full cost of purchase, contact Hamilton Rentals to learn about its line of plasma hire and LCD rental options from the industry’s leading makers.


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