Computer Rental Cookies will Maintain your Internet Bubble…for now

The question of privacy on the Internet is just one of several hot button topics politicians around the world have been pushing as they near Internet regulation—something that is not generally popular with constituents.

The latest news in this area (after Sarkozy’s much discussed speech at the eG8 forum in May) comes from communications minister Ed Vaizey and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who have come to what The Guardian describes as an “uneasy truce” over the European directive affecting Web browsers that began on May 26 at midnight.

The subject in question is “cookies,” those small text files that are saved on your computer when you visit most websites, and whether online businesses will have to continually seek users’ permission to update their data; a potentially intrusive, annoying procedure. Right now, cookies are updated silently on your computer, taking side notes of where you’ve visited to bring you into your own “bubble” of interests on your next visit. While they are unique to your browser, they usually don’t contain any personal identifying information.

According to The Guardian, online retailers fear the EU legislation will make the online shopping experience unpleasant, causing customers to take their business elsewhere—perhaps to those U.S. sites that do not have to comply with these rules.

After several months of debate of whether strict interpretation of the directive would negatively affect the retail sector, Vaizey told Web Businesses that despite the pressure from the ICO, who is responsible for enforcing data privacy legislation in the U.K., “there will be no immediate changes to how U.K. websites operate as a result of new EU rules.”

Alternatively, Vaizey added that he will work with organisations to “come up with workable technical solutions,” before enforcement is put into place.

However, the ICO has said this is only a temporary delay, and that online businesses need to “get their house in order” within the year, adding that “this does not let everyone off the hook.”

At Hamilton Rentals, we provide a wide range of laptops in our computer rental fleet, where you may be able to see the changes go into affect.  Until then, you can enjoy the pre-selected areas the cookies in your browser will save to maintain your interest bubble in the duration of your lease.


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One Response to “Computer Rental Cookies will Maintain your Internet Bubble…for now”

  1. Sean Murphy Says:

    Yes cookies are sometimes so annoying. I think this internet bubble will be more helpful. Thank you so much.

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