Laptop Hire: Rumor Mill Indicates MacBook Pro Makeover

One of the latest tidbits that has been flying around the Apple rumor mill for months has said the MacBook Pro may be getting its first makeover since 2008.

According to Kate Solomon from TechRadar UK, the revamp will be a “milestone” for the MacBook pro range.  No dates for the actual release of the redesign, but it is said to be “under development.”

Solomon reported the rumor comes from popular forum MacRumors, who said it was able to confirm the rumor that originated with iLounge, that the next round of the MacBook Pro line to hit stores would have a new case design. This was first revealed by iLounge just before the latest MacBook Pro was released last February.  iLounge wrote:

“Next year is the year when Apple will introduce an all new design for the MacBook Pro product family, which is already under development at Quanta in Taiwan.  It’s being described as a big, ‘milestone’ release for the Pro family, as compared with the speed bump features that will be introduced in [February’s] models.”

When Apple released its latest model of the MacBook Pro, consumers saw a very similar design to all of its predecessors—an aluminum unibody casing.  However, overlooking the aesthetics of its casing, the latest model does boast a new high-speed I/O port, known as Thunderbolt for file transfer capabilities.

The latest 13-inch model was also just named the “Best Thin and Light Notebook” by Laptop Magazine in its list of the “Best 10 Notebooks.”  The magazine wrote:

“The most well-rounded 13-inch notebook gets a serious speed boost and lasts even longer on a charge than its predecessor.”

With little notion as to what the actual redesign will look like, MacBook fans will wait with baited breath, only able to imagine what the folks at Apple will do next….but as we know, few can really ever predict the company’s next move.

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